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Design by Mahsa was borne out of passion and a natural artistic instinct for aesthetics and design. Our Founder, Mahsa Gholizadeh is an experienced Interior Design professional and Entrepreneur who is passionate about working with people in bringing exceptional functional spaces to life.

She is best described as a nomad designer with a cool and collected attitude, having vast knowledge and experience in Interior Architecture.

For Mahsa, design is a lifestyle. Adding a personal touch is essential and so she has mastered working closely with clients and contractors on each project. It is very common to find her at project sites whenever work is in progress. Her designs display maturity and sophistication; a testament to her detail oriented, creative and visualization skills.

Mahsa delivers her work with a modern vibe. Having worked with several high-profile clients, she has adopted a winning attitude which helps her to overcome obstacles and keeps her focused till the project is delivered.

She is also a strong advocate of environmental sustainability, and most of her works reflect her trademark biophilic design. Mahsa’s project portfolio is made up of innovative and trendy designs for her clients worldwide, and is known as a story teller artist who speaks the language of design and expresses her talent putting together masterpiece creations.

According to her “design starts as a blank canvas. People live in my designs; painting it with their experiences and completing the artwork.”

These and many more are the reasons why you should entrust your next project with Design by Mahsa.

Mahsa’s worldwide design portfolio portrays exquisite projects within the food and beverage, hospitality, retail, commercial and residential sectors.



With a clear understanding of the Interior Design industry, we know that the more visually appealing a restaurant’s design is, the better the dining experience and overall customer satisfaction. We keep this in mind during the design process and ensure that we carefully blend elements beautifully to achieve balance and rhythm in design. Over the years we have designed spaces for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and Alfresco settings.


The Hospitality sector is one of the biggest industries in the world and designing their interiors should enhance user experience and lifestyle. Using sustainable and resource saving technologies, we create functional hospitality spaces with high quality finishes and aesthetics.

Commercial & Retail

We create functional retail spaces that guarantee that your product of service will be highlighted in a commercially appealing setting to attract the right audience. Psychologically an office set up affects the productivity of the users, and so with ergonomics in mind we design organized and uncluttered spaces that set businesses up for success.


Your home is a reflection of who you are, and we bring in innovation and the latest trends into all our designs making sure we reflect your personality and safeguarding your comfort.

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